Totart, Novi di Modena

Year 2017
Title St. Luke tuning his own picture according to its diagonal size

        A piece that aim to be a personal reflection about the process of making art, the connection between art and its support & framing and, above all, the relationship that occurs between art and the viewer.

The framing of a picture, for instance, can change the whole perspective of what we are seeing and elaborating.
That being said, the same concept could be applied to painting: how an artist manages to frame a subject into a canvas changes dramatically the perception of the finished work.

We constantly live our lives surrounded by bits and pieces of existence cropped to a certain aspect ratio proper of this or that social network, blog or website, embedded in a process that somehow filters reality as a whole.

Also, art made in the streets doesn’t last forever and there perhaps lies its beauty. We could easily argue that the photo of a mural acts as the natural link to its continuity and it’s what will (physically or more likely digitally) remain of it through time (aside memories, of course).
Materiality of a fragile painting becomes intertwined with its digital parallel and future existence.

The work in Novi features a golden diagonal of the wall played by the figure part of the very same mural and works as a reference to the above mentioned art’s digital life, as we commonly measure the inches of a display using its own diagonal size. So, the edges of the surface on which the work is painted crop its context in the very same way the borders of a monitor do, heavily defining what will be the feelings and the perception about art from a viewer’s perspective.