Terræ series

Terræ I/X: Cazzum Canis

           Terræ is a series on found used items created in 2013 as a criticism to the artisan and peasant people of Italy and their related stereotypes and bad habits.

Terræ II/X: Cazzum Canis 2

Terræ V/X: Oh, Schadenfreude!

Terræ VIII/X: Oh, Schadenfreude! 2

Terræ III/X: Tuttologia Peninsulare

Terræ VI/X: Adesso Dopo

Terræ IX/X: Apologia del Nero

Terræ IV/X: Non Fiscale

Terræ VIIX: L’Artigianato Salverà l’Italia

Terræ X/X: Il Concetto di Concorrenza