Murali, Forlì


Title The Martyrdom of Saint Lucy according to the Fifteen Minutes of Fame theory
Year 2019
Photo Andrea Ravo Mattoni

            Piece for Murali in Forlì, Italy, curated by Marco Miccoli.

Contrary to the traditional representation of the martyrdom of Saint Lucy, in which she is usually portrayed stabbed to death, this work focuses on a central female figure “martyred” by the strong light of an out of frame unsolicited photo flash, a metaphor of the overwhelming abundance of portraits and selfies throughout the majority of new media.

The figure covers her eyes (and face), resulting in the iconoclast nullification of Saint Lucy’s sight feature and, moreover, of her depicted image, as traditionally intended.

Additionally, the wall itself (and the environment surrounding it), when receiving a façade lift, could be considered as another metaphor of such concept.