Subsidenze, Ravenna

Year 2019
Title The Incredulity of Saint Thomas towards Modern Art
Photo Marco Miccoli

        A tribute to Alberto Burri’s “Grande Ferro R”, a site-specific steel sculpture made in 1990 in the city of Ravenna, Italy.

Closely located to Burri’s work, the mural consists in an adaptation of the “doubting Thomas” theme, a criticism towards the current bad state of preservation and development of the Grande Ferro and therefore criticism on how it is perceived by the local administrations, as well as among common citizens.

When it comes to modern and contemporary art in general, where the horizons of the “immediately recognizable” of figurative and still nature heavily blur, making space to conceptuality and abstraction, the aim is to arise questions regarding the definition and perception of a piece of art as such (through people’s eyes), the loss of importance of a creative act in collectivity through nullifying behaviours, which then leads to questions about weighing the responsibilities of institutions, users, viewers and citizens towards (public) art.