Year 2022
Title Aggese Still-life

        The area is known for its handmade weaving tradition, as well as the banditry phenomenon, that spread across centuries during spanish and savoy rule over the island.

The painting features the above mentioned defining local traits –such as a carpet in the making serving both as subject and environment and a photo of the female bandit Paola Argiolas– in a still life composition that uses the juxtaposition of tradition and contemporaneity to create a bond between old and new, a subtle line going from handcraft to banditry, to even marking the urban landscape.

Year 2022
Title Bandits

        A visual connection between Sardinian banditry and graffiti writing and its visual legacy, such as the common narrative of living and acting against the law. Two simple elements, such as the rings, are now linked together by a story, each one carrying from a different past deep memories, behavioural codes and unique anecdotes into a single present

Above is the engagement ring of local bandit Sebastiano Tansu, the "Mute of Gallura" (he was deaf and outcasted for that), who is mostly known for having been involved in a family feud that lasted a decade and killed over 70 individuals in mid 19th Century northern Sardinia.

Below, a contemporary silver ring made by Milanese writer/goldsmith @mindoner representing the front face of the diesel-fueled italian railcar ALn 668-1000 Series. Called by most "Littorina" and dear to the Italian writing scene, such cars have been illegaly and abundantly covered with graffiti from mid 90's until recently, as they are now slowly getting decommissioned over newer models.