Premio Giordano, S. Croce di Magliano

Year 2018
Title St. Anthony of Padua preaching to his followers

        The work made for the fifth edition of Premio Giordano for Street Art, a public art project based in the town of Santa Croce di Magliano in southern Italy, is based on a conceptual parallelism between the legend of the Saint (patron of the town) preaching to the fishes and new dynamics in the connection between art, artist and the viewer in the age of social media.

While such networks supposedly allow a more direct and quicker relationship between the abovementioned counterparts they also let new topics about the current state of art arise:
How much the perception of a work of art and the ideas beneath it can shift when filtered through the “perfectify” lenses of social media? Does this invisible filter also affect the words, the questions & answers and any type of comment occuring, eventually leading to a lack in authenticity?
Do both art and viewers truly experience benefits, given the concept of ‘fast consumption’ that seems to be at the core of contemporary connecting environments?