Appartengo, Galdo degli Alburni

Year 2021
Title Ostensory representational attempt using context-related elements

        The ostensory-like shape of the composition, as well as the central eggnog glass element are both referred to the iconography of St. Pascal Baylon, saint patron of this tiny town located at the foot of Alburni mountains, in southern Italy.
The area is also renowned for a local delicacy called ‘peperoni cruschi’ (lit. crunchy peppers) which crowns the work.
Lying at the bottom, a paint tin and a solid marker commonly used for tagging, both parts of the long experiential journey that brought me in Galdo in the end.

Thus, context becomes a key element in the making of the mural, of which the single items are nothing but subtle metaphors of a place and its inhabitants, as well as the lives interacting with such environment and its people, indissolubly intertwined and connected one another to create a single pictorial entity.