Pennelli Ribelli, Pioppe di Salvaro

Year 2021
Title 46 - 3

        Dedicated to the victims and survivors of the "botte della canapiera massacre", Pioppe di Salvaro, 1 october 1944.

An etruscan janiform kantharos, prominent to the composition, acts as a metaphor of the "botte", a water reservoir adjacent to the old hemp mill located in the town of Pioppe di Salvaro (Bologna), where on the 1st october 1944, fortysix civilians were sentenced to death, shot and dumped in by nazi soldiers. Thus, the ancient cup (that can be found in the nearby etrurian museum) stands nonetheless as a symbol of the local community, both from hystorical and contemporary perspectives, of which cracks and patches could be seen as the result of the brutality of war, while a kingfisher's thanatosis is referred to the three civilians who were the only survivors of the massacre.